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12th Oct 2013 - 9th Mar 2014

This exhibition brings together for the first time the largest and most significant collection of works by these highly acclaimed New Zealand artists. 

For more than forty years these artists have produced innovative, emotive and challenging artworks as individuals. As collaborators, they pushed their work and each other in new and vibrant directions. 

This is both a timely and necessary exhibition - Hotere passed away earlier this year and Culbert currently represents New Zealand at the 55th Venice Biennale - which reflects the major contribution that these artists have made to a national and international contemporary art discourse.  

This exhibition will be followed by a retrospective of Ralph Hotere's works in 2015.

As part of the opening weekend celebrations of HOTERE CULBERT, a temporary collaborative work - Skylight DPAG - was installed outside the Gallery's front doors. The installation and 60 hour 'life' of this work is documented in the clip below.

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