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Frances Hodgkins Umbrella

3rd Sep 2013 - 6th Oct 2013


Jack Hadley (b. Christchurch, 1989) is an Auckland based artist and recent graduate from Elam School of Fine Arts. Jack’s practice seeks out the play and humour inherent in consumer culture, combining textures and images often associated with ‘low’ consumption and re-presenting them through the ‘higher’ forms of fashion, interior design and strategies of display. In Rear Window, Jack’s work Big Cheese sits both comfortably within the history of the use of this space and awkwardly, as it rubs shoulders with Moray Place’s boutiques. 

For this exhibition two vases from the gallery’s decorative arts collection have been selected to sit alongside Jack’s work. Overblown neoclassical in form, gilt bronze and blue porcelain details combine with goat head handles and sentimental vignettes, together verging on the romantic and rococo. But these highly aesthetic objects also have a hidden utilitarian value. Once inverted, the lids of the vases transform into candle stick holders. Paired with Hadley’s flat, high-gloss work, the vases’ duplicity suggests that Big Cheese may have its own agenda.

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