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Fallen Picture with Harpoon

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Fallen Picture with Harpoon

12th Oct 2013 - 17th Nov 2013


In Nick Austin’s paintings, arrangements of objects form poetic puzzles imbued with melancholic humour. His work often depicts the left-over or overlooked, creating a feeling of domestic dread. In Fallen Picture with Harpoon, Austin presents two paintings on a wall of pictures on walls; here is art in everyday life.

Fallen Picture is a painting of where a picture used to be. On a beige wall a missing image has left its unfaded silhouette with a solitary ball of blu-tak. In Harpoon a calendar hangs on a wall, its grid offset by a rather awkward drawing of a whale. The crooked, second-hand nail in the painting connects with the work’s title; the calendar is suddenly nominated as a monument.

Fallen Picture with Harpoon’s portrayals of things in time is echoed in the show’s palette of leached out grey-green and faded yellow. These paintings appear like views of an interior that is no longer occupied. In turn they reflect on Rear Window, itself a space of appearances and disappearances. 

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