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Babyhood Moodboard

18th Jan 2014 - 2nd Mar 2014

Friends since high school, Dawn Marble (b. Sydney 1987) and Luka Mues’ (b. Göttingen 1987) exhibition employs signifiers of teenage dreaminess and mid-twenties anxiety to create a ‘moodboard’ for their shared experience of the past and present. Babyhood Moodboard draws on a family holiday to Dunedin in 2003; a sulking teenager, Marilyn Manson’s autobiography and a viewing of The Pre-Raphaelite Dream, a TATE exhibition showing at the Dunedin Public Art Gallery at the time. 

Reflecting on their adolescent hopes and desires through their respective practices of art and fashion, Marble and Mues present, in the words of the TATE show, “a private world of passion, sacrifice and dreams.” With its romantic themes of medieval spirituality, awakening to the beauty of nature and revolting against the status quo, The Pre-Raphaelite Dream appears as surprisingly rich teenage stimulation. 

The moodboard as a tool for generating a ‘look’ in the fashion industry is also acknowledged here as a youth identity-production method as well as a collage technique with its own specific histories. Indulging in personal nostalgia while processing current angst about ‘being twenty-six,’ Babyhood Moodboard is self-manifestation work, therapeutic assemblage and elaborate fantasy.

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